We have a small staff at the museum and simply don't have time to do all of the in-depth research that each of these flags deserves. We invite private researchers and citizens to help. We have many resources here at the museum and can give you ideas of where else you might search, such as the National Archives, Library of Congress and State Historical Society. Research a flag or unit on your own and when you're finished, submit your research to the museum. Your research will be available to the public as well as published on this website, fully credited to you. If you don't have the time to research a unit, you can also just search for resources and let us, and your fellow researchers, know what's out there.

If you're interested in a specific unit or flag, now's your chance to share your research with the citizens of Wisconsin.

Please note that research may be edited to a form appropriate for the space and design of the website. Research is not expected to be professional quality, but should be organized, spell checked and proofread before submission.

For more information, contact the Reference Archivist at or 608.267.1790

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