Corporate Event Live Streaming Video and Audio Webcast Services

Do you need to produce a video for your business or corporate event?

Looking for live streaming video coverage for your events?

Streaming media, web conferencing and on-site video production …

If you want to show your latest project, product, or just speak directly to your customers, 360 Audio Visual can help you create a stunning audio visual presentation to stream off your website.

Live streaming is filming the event live while transmitting or “streaming” your live video event online. You can extend the reach and value of your most important events like conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, etc. and share with your community of users from anywhere in the world, at any time.

360 Audio Visual services span the technical production of live events, on-demand webcasting, live video streaming media services, and corporate video production. Our mission is to help you maximize the potential of your audience using the power of video as you brand and deliver your message via the mediums of live streaming video, and audio recording or webcasting services. You can reach a far greater global audience than ever possible, enabling participation for delegates who are unable to attend in person as well as a platform for pre and post event networking online.

We’re able to film at your event location, edit, and produce each corporate video at a very affordable price. We can work with you to get your message across so that your video online reaches further than a regular marketing strategy. Corporate communication, training and education, videotaping conferences and conventions, products and services, and sales, no project is too large or small.

We are an experienced production company with live webcasting and can handle everything from internet connectivity to organizing multiple breakout rooms, to providing in house A/V services to providing an archive of the content for future sales opportunities. We are the company to choose for the video production of your live conference or corporate event.

If you’re thinking of an upcoming project and you’d like to learn more about web video streaming, webcasting, live events video recording, and general audio video production services, contact us today! We will be glad to talk with you and give you a quote for our video production work without any obligations.

Types of Corporate Events We Serve

  • Conferences
  • Meetings - Sales Meetings, Awards Meetings
  • Seminars, Instructional or Training Videos
  • Introduction of New Products or New Staff
  • Plant or Office Tours
  • Annual Reports for Stockholders/Associates
  • Public Relation Announcements
  • Corporate Parties, Banquets, or Retreats

Need event video and audio services for your live event?

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